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Our HALLER infrared heaters are versatile, and are coordinated to you.

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Usage areas for the HALLER infra-red

You can count on us in any location

HALLER infra-red products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the special demands of the usage areas. Your can be certain that you will be satisfied with your infrared heater in all respects, depending on the installation location.

HALLER products are produced for the bathroom, living room, terrace and church areas. The infrared heaters are used as picture heaters, ceiling heaters, wall heaters, mirror heaters, glass heaters and panel heaters, and combine heat generation with at least one other function, usually several.

Picture heating
Simple attachment & flexible incorporation into the room concept

Panel heater
Where shopping list and heater come together

Wall heater
The reliable, space-saving variant

Bathroom heater
Infrared radiated heat provides warmth and wellness in the bathroom

Mirror heating
The functional, surprising heat dispenser

Glass heating
Stylish heating with design freedom

Ceiling heating
Efficient heat distribution from above

Pew heating
The economical, thankful heating!

Mobile infrared heaters
Infrared heating for flexible use

Solutions adapted to you

Therapy heating
Use of our heating systems for therapeutic purposes