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With the solutions from HALLER Infrarot for ceilings and oversize rooms.

Heat at the highest level.

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The infrared heater on the ceiling

Space-saving radiated heat from above

Be it as an area heating panel, a radiator or a hall heater, the ceiling heaters from HALLER Infrarot impress with functionality that is designed exactly for the purpose of use and pleasant and cost-effective air conditioning of your premises.

Your options for infrared heaters in large rooms:

The HALLER SaturnHeater from HALLER Infrarot is the first designer area heater from our company. You will benefit from its innovative heating technology and also its futuristic design. The latter is an eye-catcher for guests and customers – you can use the SaturnHeater in large rooms in your own home and also as a heating system in your office and shop areas.

The flagship of ceiling heaters is our HALLER MegaHeater. The name says it all. With capacities of between 1,800 and 3,000 Watts the MegaHeater is just the job for any kind of hall and for large business, production and leisure areas.

The HALLER CoverPlate Provides cosy heat, is extremely efficient and does justice to any installation situation. Like any other infrared heater, it transmits its heat directly to objects in the room. Particularly in meeting rooms and conference rooms, it is the ideal heater. You can start it, and soon all objects in the room are heated. Conventional heaters dry out the air that they heat. Objects remain cold. Once you ventilate, the heat disappears. All of this does not happen with the HALLER CoverPlate.

With the HALLER Longheater you can heat large rooms such as halls or factory buildings without problems. With a maximum length of 2 metres, the LongHeater provides an unbeatable heat source with infrared radiators which quickly generates homely warmth, even in large buildings. The amount of heat that is lost during regular ventilation is also guaranteed to be extremely low.