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The infrared church pew heater

The optimum, efficient warmth solution for cold churches

Churches are extremely cold spaces to start with. However, they cannot be preheated for a long time because this will be expensive. It takes a while for the air in the entire church to warm up. This is now a thing of the past. The HALLER Infrarot pew heater is one of our highlights, and is used in churches as infrared heating. The major advantage is the way in which infrared heating works! It no longer heats the cold air, which

It heats surfaces such as pews, kneelers, pillars and the floor. And quickly. In this way, your congregation will feel extremely pleasant heat, and you will have extremely low energy consumption at the same time. The pew heater from HALLER Infrarot operates without a long warm-up period and provides extremely pleasant heat. The heating effect of infrared heatings is not due to the heating of the air, but to the heat storage in room surfaces, objects or bodies. This does not just protect the building structure of your walls, but makes it possible to exchange air in the room without losing a lot of heat.

The advantages of the HALLER infrared church pew heater at a glance:

Heating without heat loss saves a considerable amount of money, low variable costs

Can be controlled using a thermostat, you can define room programmes and orient them to your mass services or rosaries.

It can be directly connected to the socket.

The church pew heater saves space and looks mice, it is a decorative element and can be attached either beneath seat benches or to walls or the ceiling.

Low danger potential for children.

Easy to clean, simply wipe the surface.

Extremely pleasant heat, extremely popular heating systems, also by people with allergies and asthma.

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