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The infrared glass heater

When simply beautiful heats simply beautifully

Previously, conventional heating systems in the living room were always a type of foreign object that was dangerous to small children, difficult to install and unpleasant to clean. In times of innovative solutions and efficient household technology, these problems are a thing of the past. The HALLER Infrarot glass heater is a simply attractive element in the middle of your living area. Our customers are often asked whether our glass heater is a work of art and who created it. This is an expression of the value thereof, and you are also spared the suffering of normal heating systems.

The HALLER Exclusive, our glass heater, is available as so-called ESG (single-glazed safety glass). You have the choice of any RAL colour (on request) or can simply have black or white. In comparison to conventional heating systems, the glass heater operates without a long warm-up period and provides extremely pleasant heat which one of our customers has described as cosy warmth The heating effect of an infrared heater is not due to the heating of the air, but to the heat storage in room surfaces, objects or bodies. This does not just protect the building structure of your walls, but makes it possible to exchange air in the room without losing a lot of heat.

The advantages of the REDPUR glass heater at a glance:

The glass heater saves space and looks attractive, it is a decorative heating element.

It can be directly connected to the socket.

Controllable using a thermostat, you can even define room programmes.

You determine the colour. (on request)

Low danger potential for children, single-glazed safety glass.

Heating without heat loss saves a considerable amount of money, low variable costs

Easy to clean, simply wipe the surface.

Extremely pleasant heat, extremely popular heating systems, also by people with allergies and asthma.

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