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Infrared warmth for your body

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When the temperatures drop outside and the sun starts to lose its heat, there’s nothing more pleasant than pleasant warmth in our houses and apartments. Not everyone knows this: Warmth can have a healing effect. And with HALLER  infrared heaters this really is the case. Infrared heat has a healing effect, stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. It is also extremely hygienic

Infrared heater from HALLER are particularly good for persons with allergies, since no exchange of air takes place, meaning that no dust is swirled up. The dry air and consistent humidity are also perceived in an extremely positive way by rheumatism patients.

The infrared rays have a positive effect on our bodies. When they meet the skin, they are immediately converted into heat, and stimulate blood flow due to the increase in heat, which results in stimulation of the metabolism and the circulation.

Infrared heat is extremely good for reducing chronic pain, pulled muscles, rheumatism and connective tissue diseases. It can also have a positive effect on reducing the pain of sprains, contusion or quickly combating the flu.


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