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Mobile warmth

The HALLER infrared heater to go


Even at a pleasant room temperature, our legs and feet sometime want a little more warmth, e.g. beneath a desk. HALLER also has the perfect solution for this: Small and handy, but extremely effective with low energy consumption.
Our mobile infrared heaters can be quickly and extremely efficiently used in the locations where they are needed. Beneath the desk, or directly under the soles of your feet. So that you never get “cold feet” when you are working in the office.

The advantages of the HALLER infrared heater in the bathroom at a glance:

Pleasant feel-good temperature without a long warm-up time

Minimal energy consumption by means of intelligent heating

Easy to clean, simply wipe the surface.

Similar heating effect to underfloor heating

Dimmer included free of charge

Simple use as an additional heat source

Your options for mobile infrared heaters:

MultiPur series