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The HALLER Infrarot wall heaters are versatile

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The infrared wall heater

Make use of the most promising of all heating systems

Everyone knows about the usual heating systems, expensively fed by oil and gas, sometimes also with troublesome bleeding several times a year. Difficult to clean and at a dangerous height for children (formulate in a more comprehensible way). Previous heating systems and problems are therefore a thing of the past with HALLER Infrarot wall heaters.

The fact that this is so does not just have to do with the functionality advantages of our infrared heaters. From a perspective point of view, the financing of previous systems is a bottomless pit. Whereas infrared heating has extremely low operating costs once it has been purchased, normal oil or gas heating systems now consume up to three-quarters of the total expenditure on energy. This also shows that.....

Ecologically, but also from a financial point of view, literally “burn” a great deal or save with us.

In comparison to conventional heating systems, the wall heater operates without a long warm-up period and provides extremely pleasant heat which one of our customers has described as cosy warmth

The heating effect of an infrared heater is not due to the heating of the air, but to the heat storage in room surfaces, objects or bodies. This does not just protect the building structure of your walls, but makes it possible to exchange air in the room without losing a lot of heat.

The advantages of the HALLER infrared wall heater at a glance:

The wall heater saves space and looks attractive, it is a decorative heating element.

It can be directly connected to the socket.

Controllable using a thermostat, you can even define room programmes.

You determine the design, you can even use your own motives.

Low danger potential for children.

Heating without heat loss saves a considerable amount of money, low variable costs

Simple to attach to the wall.

Easy to clean, simply wipe the surface.

Extremely pleasant heat, extremely popular heating systems, also by people with allergies and asthma.

Your options for infrared heaters on the wall: