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Mr. Haller's first encounter with the environmentally friendly heating variant, infrared heating, at a lecture. The business idea with ecological heating emerges.


Mr. Haller gather initial experience with the cosy warmth in an apartment which is completely heated with infrared heaters During a journey by boat across Lake Constance, during which Mr. Haller was surrounded by nature (apart from the sound of the ship’s engine), the decision is made. The mainspring of the company is going to be ecological and healthy heating. Making electricity with the sun, without fossil fuels, corresponds exactly to his vision, which still applies today: Our children should still be able to live healthily in 30 years, which is why we are endeavouring to achieve ecological energy freedom with our products.


The sale of Redwell infrared heaters in south Germany starts. 5 infrared heating producers currently dominate the market. Previously, it was mostly night storage heaters in old buildings which were replaced with infrared heaters. However, initial sales were also being made in new buildings. His own garage was used to store the infrared heaters. In March, first visit to the Internationale Bodenseemesse (IBO - international Lake Constance trade fair) in Friedrichshafen.


The sales predecessor of Energiefreiheit, Redwellstudio GmbH, participates in many trade fairs. Philipp Haller, the sum of Mr. Haller, works in the family company when he’s not at school.


The dealer set-up for one of the first Austrian infrared heater providers grows in leaps and bounds in the 6-7-87-89 post code area . Growth is particularly stimulated by trade fair visits in the entire sales area and advertising activities. The recognition of the products also increases rapidly.


The company moves into its own branch in the Rhine-Main region in Heddesheim. As the company grows, so does the number of employees.
Mr. Knorr, business administration graduate in the sales area, who later became managing director, joins the company. Mrs. Rosamaria Heller also supports the fledgling company. On 10.10.2010 the first “Zuhause im Glück” programme is broadcast, which leads to more than 1000 inquiries being received in one night. Many other broadcasts follow.


New employees are taken on in the service and sales areas. The logistics area also undergoes further development. 10 new houses are equipped with PV Infrared BWP (photovoltaic infrared service water heat pump) including storage, all carried out by Redpur.


Separation from Austrian manufacturer. This resulted in the establishment of “Redpur GmbH, Evolutionary Heating”. Rosamaria Haller becomes the managing director of Redpur GmbH in Hayingen. Some of the employees in the 600m² building, which Rosamaria Haller has owned since 2001, have been working there for more than 30 years. Goods have always been produced in this building, mainly textiles. The Energiefreiheit GmbH sales centre is established. Mr. Knorr, marketing business administrator, and Mrs. Betz become the managing directors. Mr. Haller sets up international sales in Switzerland, France and Belgium. An electrical foreman with a team for production and installation is appointed. A new generation enters into the family-run company in the form of Jana Haller, Mr. Haller’s daughter.


The development of the dealer network expands rapidly - it now consists of 100 dealers. More and more new innovative products such as the Classic Bio Thera P8, the Saturn Heater and the panel heater come onto the market. The office complex of Köster in Husum with 400m² serves as a reference building. An apartment block for a total of 12 families is fully equipped with infrared heaters.


The production of customisations for hospitals and churches is developed. Further expansion of the sales partners in Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and France takes place. A factory representative for Bavaria and Austria is put in place. The branch at Kirchhainer Damm 4 in Berlin is opened. We join the IG Infrarot.


In the Crona hospital in Tübingen, bathrooms were converted and equipped with HALLER infrared mirror heaters. The planning of the Park Hotel in Husum begins. This hotel is being built in 2017, and will be fully equipped with HALLER infrared heaters. This is where customers can test how well-being warmth from infrared feels. The dealer development throughout Germany increases to about 260 dealers. The Hamburg-Norderstedt branch opens in December.

Philipp Haller successfully completes his masters in business administration on the subject of “Energy Freedom”.


Now that there are more then 300 infrared providers with pseudonyms, the HALLER family decides to vouch for the quality and trust of its product with its name. More than 20 internal and freelance employees are employed at HALLER Infrarot GmbH and Energiefreiheit GmbH.

With immediate effect, we are now: HALLER - Infrared heating

The infrared heating that you can trust Only the name and the entry in the HRG have changed, everything else such as the warranty claims and the persons have stayed the same!