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Natural gas prices: Energy companies maximise....

An extremely interesting report concerning price developments in  the German gas market has been doing the rounds in the media in the last few days: About 160,000 private households who obtain natural gas from RWE within the scope of the municipal basic supply have to pay about six percent more from the autumn of 2013. RWE, in the other hand, has just made a deal with its natural gas supplier Gazprom which will put about a billion Euros in the energy giant’s pocket. The money comes from repayments from long-term contracts between RWE and the Russian concern, which were still geared to the price of oil with regard to their financial conditions. Insiders in the industry also know about other discount negotiations between the two companies.
RWE is not the only one that is doing this – cheap procurement prices versus price increases for private gas consumers. An identical scenario with the same financial magnitude caused criticism from consumers and consumer protection organisations with regard to E.ON last year. The independent energy portal Verifox has now published the latest figures: 183 German gas suppliers have either carried out or announced price increases of about 6.4 percent since the beginning of the year. However, only 61 energy suppliers reduced prices by a total of about six percent.
Losses from the electricity business are compensated for on the gas market
Consumer protection organisations are becoming increasingly critical of this. A speaker for the North Rhine Westphalia consumer centre said that the energy concerns are trying to pass losses made in the electricity business onto their gas consumers by increasing the prices for natural gas. The consumer protection organisations do not accept “higher network costs” or the general price development on the global market as arguments for the increasing end consumer prices for gas. Only about one quarter of the price increase for gas can be justified by the former argument. The stock market price for gas is stagnating at present because of cheap fracking gas from the USA and the crisis-related turnover reduction in Europe. The link to the oil price is said to have little relevant to the gas suppliers, since the long-term contracts (see RWE and E.ON) are re-negotiated at the latest prices and the major corporations cover their additional gas requirements with cost-effective spot business.
Energy monopoly of the major corporations versus decentralised energy supply
From the point of view of Swabian infrared heating manufacturer REDPUR, the pricing of the gas suppliers shows that a conventional energy supply from fossil fuels is no longer sustainable, but mainly consolidates the energy monopoly of the major corporations. We develop our evolutionary infrared heating systems from the outset with a view to them being integrated in an autonomous energy supply on a regenerative basis, such as using photovoltaic systems and intelligent power storage systems. The strategic vision of REDPUR and the sales partners of our company is 100% calculated to this perspective.

REDPUR infrared heating systems – the efficient heating alternative

Of course, REDPUR infrared heaters can also be operated with conventionally generated electricity. Because of their high efficiency and their high-tech basis, they also save a significant amount of energy, which can be up to 50 percent depending on the type of heating that was used previously. The REDPUR infrared heating systems are certainly superior to conventional gas heaters because of their energy efficiency.
REDPUR GmbH was only established last year and has been on a course of international expansion since. Not only are our customers in Germany impressed with the success of our brand, our products and our ecological concept, but also customers in Switzerland and south-eastern Europe. The founders of REDPUR can look back on 20 years of research, development and production experience in innovative industries, particularly the automotive industry. All REDPUR heating systems have been manufactured in out production centre in Hayingen, i.e. exclusively in German production. They are certified precision products, whose development takes place in line with the latest technical and ecological standards. During everyday operation, they impress with their high performance, cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendliness.
Detailed information about infrared heating, the REDPUR company and our products can be found on the REDPUR homepage at www.redpur.com.