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140 m2 apartment

in Stein am Rhein

Country : Germany

Statement from customer

“We enjoy the all-round warmth with our little daughter to the fullest extent. Even the inside windows only have a 1 degree difference from the walls, the ceiling and the floor, even in winter, whereby we have the heating set to 22 degrees all year round, and also all envelope surfaces 1 to 1 with 22 degrees! Our leather soft is always at 22 degrees, and therefore also feels cosy in winter. The relative humidity is always the same, we never have a dry throat and we have simply more zest for life because of this, since the recovery factor is significantly better than in air-heated rooms. We know the feeling of homogeneous warmth without dust swirling from holidays in the south, and feel like we are on holiday all year round. We do not have any maintenance costs whatsoever, and no secondary costs at all, except for the fact that we want to have the heating boiler serviced after 5 years. We have low consumption and no other heating apart from our brilliant and also visually attractive infrared heating from HALLER!


Components:REDPUR BIO Classic, Magna Vitalis
Year of construction:2010
Moving-in date:2010
Energy standard:EnEV 2009, KFW 100
Masonry:18 cm brick
Insulation:15 cm STO
U-value of envelope:Unknown
Ventilation system:None


Area:140 m²
Heated area:140 m²
Connected load:8 kW
Number of heaters:10
Number of persons:3
Heating consumption::6656 kWh/a 2015=47, 5kWh/a/m2 incl. Total household electricity and hot water
Hot water:Boiler
Additional heating:None
Additional heating consumptionUnknown