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160-year-old farmhouse

Infrared combined with wood

Country : Germany

Statement from customer

“I am really impressed with the change to your HALLER infrared heating, since everything was good, from the advice and sale of the heater to the power consumption calculation!“


Year of construction:1960
Moving-in date:40 years
Energy standard:unknown
Masonry:Old brick
Insulation:Heraklith + polystyrene inside
U-value of envelope:unknown
Ventilation system:None
Renovation:New windows in 2014


Area:70 m2
Heated area:60 m2
Connected load:4.25
Number of heaters:4
Number of persons:2
Heating consumption::Previously night storage approx. 12,000 kWh, infrared: 7000 kW/h (power calculation of 210€ reduced to 130€)
Hot water:200L boiler
Additional heating:Tile stove
Additional heating consumption:Tile stove