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Old prefabricated house

Mr. Arne W. in Altheim

Country : Germany

Statement from customer

“After purchasing our house, we quickly discovered that the previous combination of storage heaters and a Scandinavian wood stove was far from optimal in terms of regulation and control, meaning that we almost exclusively heated with wood. Conversion to water-controlled central heating did not come into question because of the high cost of conversion - we therefore replaced our storage heaters with the new REDPUR heating elements. The heaters were simply connected to the old storage heater connections. Since then we have enjoyed the pleasant radiated heat, which reacts quickly, can be conveniently controlled and is therefore cheaper. Now the entire house, which used to be heated in a partially uncontrolled manner on the ground floor alone by large 18KW storage heaters, is now controlled to a well-being climate in a completely requirement-oriented way by infrared heaters from HALLER Infrarot (just about 8KW). The combination with our Scandinavian wood stove now works in an optimum way with HALLER, since this heating system reacts extremely quickly to external heat sources. Our building envelope, a prefabricated house from the early 1980s, is also no problem for the radiated heating from HALLER Infrarot, since we enjoy cost warmth with short run times”.


Components:REDPUR Light
Year of construction:1981
Moving-in date:2014
Masonry:Timber-framed house, mineral wool (10cm)
U-value of envelope:0.41
Ventilation system:None


Area:120 m²
Heated area:100 m2
Connected load:8.1 kW
Number of heaters:8
Number of persons:5
Hot water:Service water heat pump
Connected load:0.5 - 2 KW depending on load
Water consumption:unknown