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Angela and Jörg H. in Nürtingen

in Nürtingen

Country : Germany

Statement from customer

“Because of the unique concept of the active energy house we were able to realise our dream of ecologically and economically meaningful living and working under one roof. This includes the decentralised energy supply using an optimally designed photovoltaic system in combination with a purely monolithic design, which stores the pleasant radiated heat from HALLER Infrarot in an optimum way and provides extremely low consumption values and an extremely pleasant room climate. We also obtain most of the electricity for warm water from our photovoltaic system, and our E-Smart can also be recharged with the energy of the sun directly at home. And our guests feel perfectly comfortable in our seminar rooms!”


Components:Photovoltaics, E-Smart, HALLER, water revitalisation
Year of construction2011
Date of occupancy2011
Energy standardEnEV 2009, KFW 100
MasonryExpanded clay LAC 2, 42.5 cm
U-value of envelope:0.37 W/(m2 K)
Ventilation systemNone


Area:236 m2
Heated area:225 m2
Connected load:10 kW
Number of heaters:29
Number of persons:2/20 (continuous/partial)
Heating consumption::approx. 8000 kWh/a (dropping annually)
Hot water:Boiler
HW consumption:approx. 2000 kWh/a
Additional heating:Wood-burning stove
Additional heating consumption:1 RM wood