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Piglet breeding stable

H. Härle

Country : Germany

Statement from customer: 

“When I changed to bio pig breeding several years ago, only 80 pigs were allowed in one stable rather than 150. In winter, at minus temperatures, the heat in the breeding stable was no longer sufficient and the animals became anxious and nervous. For testing purposes I had four REDPUR 850-Watt Bio-Classic infrared heaters made from stainless steel installed in one of the four breeding stables. Temperatures of 21-22°C were reached in this stable. In the other stalls heated with BHKW the temperature was just 19°C. These temperatures were maintained in the REDPUR stall even at minus temperatures, and the pigs were quiet and relaxed again. I was so impressed that I bought all four elements of the stainless steel Classic Bio after the test phase”.