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in Ravensburg

Country : Germany

Statement from customer:

Thomas Engels operates his company “The Clubmaker” in a retail area with residential use for operators and sells golf equipment to more than 2000 existing customers. He also rents and lives in parts of his modern property. Thomas Engels is naturally extremely interested in innovative living concepts, and has invested a great deal of ideas and idealism in his own property. He did all of the planning himself, and also supervised the building work himself. After thinking long and hard about which heating system to equip the building with, he discovered Haller infrared heaters. “It is pleasant warmth with which you always have the feeling that the air in the room is fresh”, explains Thomas Engels.
Make your own impression and accompany Thomas Engels through his house. 


Components:Shop: Megaheater, apartment: Classic BIO, office: Light
Year of construction:2016
Moving-in date:Shop: 02/2016, apartment 04/2016, office 10/2016
Energy standard: KfW 70 insulation
Masonry:Solid wood at bottom, wooden frame at top
U-value of envelope:0.32 W (m²k)
Ventilation system:No central ventilation


Year of construction:2016
Number of persons: Shop: unknown, apartment: 2, office: 9
Number of heaters:Shop: 6, Apartment: 8, office: 7
Heated area:Shop: 400m² with 5m room height, apartment: 2000m², office: 130²
Connected load:Shop: 18kW, apartment: 9.6kW, office: 7.24kW
Hot water:Shop & Apartment: 300L eco-boiler, office: 300L eco-boiler
HW consumption: Shop & apartment: approx 300 & 600 kW, office approx. 300 kW
Heating consumption 2016: Shop 7000 kW, apartment 5000 kW, office 3500 kW