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Wooden framed prefabricated house

from the 1980s

Country : Germany


“When we bought the house, it quickly emerged that the combination of the tile stove and the old, slow storage heaters was a problem. With the new infrared heaters from HALLER, whose long and narrow elements fitted extremely well to the ceiling between the beams, we now have an efficient and perfectly controllable heating solution. The cables were installed from the roof side, meaning that conversion was extremely simple.


Components:REDPUR Classic BIO
Year of construction:1985
Moving-in date:August 2014
Energy standard:Wooden frame construction
Masonry:Wooden frame construction
Insulation:Mineral wool
U-value of envelope:Unknown
Ventilation system:None


Area:120 m2
Heated area:80 m2
Connected load:3.7 kW
Number of heaters:5
Number of persons:2
Heating consumption::unknown
Hot water:Boiler + solar
HW consumption:unknown
Additional heating:Tile stove
Additional heating consumption:5 RM wood