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Storage heater replacement

Klug family in Attenweiler

Country : Germany

Statement from customer:

“Because of the sluggishness and high consumption costs, I was looking for a sensitive alternative to my storage heaters. When I was looking for another heating system, I decided on the infrared heating system from HALLER Infrarot, since the advice was extremely competent and convinced me of the quality of the products. I have been using this system for more than a year. It is pleasant warmth, cost-effective to use and I was impressed with the price/performance ratio of HALLER Infrared. I am more than satisfied, and everything went smoothly, from the on-site advice to installation.


Components:REDPUR Classic BIO
Year of construction:1980
Moving-in date:1980
Energy standard: unknown
Masonry:Prefabricated house Wooden frame structure - mineral wool
U-value of envelope:Unknown
Ventilation system:None


Year of construction:1980
Number of persons: 4
Number of heaters:6
Heated area:90m2
Connected load:3.58 kW
Hot water:300 L boiler
HW consumption:Unknown
Heating consumption 2015:11,300 kWh/a
Heating consumption 2014:17,319 kWh/a
Additional heating:Tile stove
Additional heating consumption:2 RM wood