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New building

Zimmerer family

Country : Germany

Statement from customer:

“Our newbuild was geared to optimum design of the photovoltaic system and maximum utilisation of solar energy during the planning phase. Since electricity is the future as far as we are concerned, we decided on an efficient and maintenance-free heating system from HALLER Infrarot. Because of the monolithic design, the radiated heat can be stored in an optimum way, and the infrared elements from HALLER are capable of reacting to external sunlight with lightning speed. Since we have a large south-facing front, this was very important to us. We can also get most of out hot water from the photovoltaic system via a small service water heat pump. With this concept we are equipped for future independence, giving us the opportunity to soon supply ourselves autonomously with power storage and an electric car in the future, and leave our children an ecologically meaningful system”.


Components:REDPUR BIO Classic, photovoltaics, service water heat pump
Year of construction:2012
Move-in date:August 2012
Energy standard: EnEV fulfilled
Masonry:36 cm brick
U-value of envelope:Unknown
Ventilation system:none


Year of construction:2012
Number of persons: 4
Number of heaters:20
Area:200 m2
Heated area:200 m2
Connected load:approx. 12 kW
Hot water:Service water heat pump
HW consumption:2000 kW/a
Annual heating consumption:7000 kWh/a
Additional heating:None
Additional heating consumption:None