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Thoma House new build

Hotel Post in Wolfegg

Country : Germany

Statement from customer

“During our newbuild with additional hotel rooms, it was important to us to ensure that our customers had a pleasant stay that was as natural as possible. With the Thoma design with its Holz100 house, it is like living inside a tree. The infrared heaters from HALLER are the ideal combination for the solid wood design of Thoma, since the radiated heat is absorbed by the walls in an optimum way and is stored for a long period. Because of the extremely good insulation, any other type of heating would be overdimensioned, and we could save a lot of money, even if we only purchased 4 panels. Furthermore, HALLER Infrarot has succeeded in printing our old pictures of the Hotel Post on the heaters in order to give the ambience of the new hotel rooms a historical background.


There are hotels which make a lot of fuss about stars which have been awarded to them because of all kinds of quality features. And there are hotels which quietly provide a maximum of healthy living quality. One such hotel is the ZUR POST country hotel in the small town of Wolfegg in the Allgäu. As well as their restaurant, Siegfried and Andrea Dorn operate an extraordinary guest house, namely a solid wood building that has been built in accordance with the principles of HOLZ 100 of Austrian company Erwin Thoma GmbH, and in accordance with plans from the Meschenmoser architect’s office in Horgenzell near Ravensburg.

The best living climate is provided by the construction method using “wood in its purest form”. There is no coating or gluing with chemical substances, and not even nails have been used with this consistent construction method, only wooden dowels. “Our architect explained the advantages of the solid wood construction method with so-called “moon wood”. Then there was a presentation of a highly innovative heating method with infrared elements, as provided by the Hayingen-based HALLER INFRAROT company, remembers the property developer. And as a frugal Swabian, she is impressed by the tremendous cost saving of more than 25,000 Euros, even as early as the shell construction phase. “With these heating systems, all costs for expensive pipelines disappear altogether, right from the beginning”!

The argument concerning the space saving in the rooms was also impressive, since there is no need for  any of the classic ugly radiators on the walls, or even in the bathroom and the toilet. “The usual steel radiators with the associated pipes would be extremely interfering, particularly in our rooms and bathrooms in the attic”.

Because the subject of room climate and sleeping quality is extremely important for the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dorn, the Zirbenholz from the mountain regions which has been proven to encourage sleep and health has been used, chips of which are offered in textile sacks to encourage healthy sleep.

“When we discovered the healthy and extremely beneficial effect of the infrared heating, the decision was quickly made. You can even have your own picture motives printed on the stylish, flat heating elements by HALLER INFRAROT so that they appear on the wall like a completely normal picture, and nobody thinks that it is a radiator”.

However, the best thing is: Contrary to the initial thinking with regard to the energy costs, these infrared heating elements surprise with their extremely low power consumption. “Our entire energy costs are between 85 Euros and a maximum of 98 Euros, and this is only because our guests initially set the thermostat to the highest setting out of ignorance, which isn’t necessary at all because the room temperature can be controlled to the nearest degree and the radiators react immediately”!

“The casement windows don’t even need insulating glass” says a delighted Siegfried Dorn.

The combination of the HOLZ100 construction method and the HALLER INFRAROT heating system is praised by the guests as providing an extremely pleasant and healthy room atmosphere. The POST in Wolfegg can therefore be recommended as a real insider tip - happy guests are more valuable than any number of stars!

Family Andrea Dorn 
Rötenbacher Str. 5
88364 Wolfegg/Allgäu 
Tel.: +49 7527-9614-0
Fax: +49 7527-9614-66
eMail: info@hotel-post-wolfegg.de


Components:    REDPUR CLASSIC Bio
Year of construction:2015
Moving-in date:2015
Energy standard:Thoma Wood 100, EnEV 2015
Masonry:Solid wood 36.5 cm
U-value of envelope:approx. 0.2
Ventilation system:None


Area 4 rooms, each with approx. 25 m2
Heated areaapprox. 100 m2
Connected loadapprox. 3 kW total
Number of heaters4
Number of personsVariable/hotel
Heating consumptionunknown
Hot waterunknown
Additional heatingunknown
Additional heating consumptionNone