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Our vision

Market leader for qualitative products and excellent service

The entrepreneurial vision of Haller Infrarot is focused on excellence. With our evolutionary infrared heating, other high-quality products and consulting skills we want to position ourselves permanently at the top in the growing market for infrared heaters and innovative heating systems. Our priorities are innovation, the continuous evolution of our products and the Haller portfolio as a whole and an efficient distribution system.

Like other companies from southern Germany, Haller Infrarot guarantees its customers the highest quality and excellent service. At the same time, we are pursuing environmental goals. The evolutionary infrared heater and other products from Haller Infrarot are included in our basic concept of creating energy freedom. An infrared heating system from Haller, our photovoltaic systems and a patented infrared hot water boiler which will be launched next year will make it possible for our customer to have a largely self-sufficient energy supply from renewable sources. (Reference to concept of energy freedom) The company goals of the Haller family include the possibility of energy freedom for everyone. To realize this vision we rely on the state of the art of modern heating and environmental technology.

The distribution system of HALLER Infrarot

Service-oriented, technical and humanly competent

In the future, the evolutionary infrared heating from HALLER is going to be the warm heart of every building whose owners have chosen cooperation with our company and hence have decided for the perspective of their personal energy freedom. Extensive consultations on environmentally friendly, cost effective and autonomous heating with infrared heating from Haller Infrarot will soon be available nationwide in the Haller distribution centers and Haller sales studios. The first five Haller distribution centres in Southern Germany are already active. They are a role model for our new branches with their clear concept.

Haller wants to differ significantly from other suppliers with its distribution system. For example, the infrared heater and all other products from Haller are not available online or via phone sales, which must inevitably leave many questions unanswered for buyers of high quality and complex energy and environmental technology. Haller provides its customers with comprehensive and personal consulting services on the decision to buy an infrared heater or other Haller product, of course, including specialized consulting locally and throughout the installation and construction process. Through technical expertise, consulting skills and our cooperation with experienced architects and craftsmen the customers of Haller Infrarot receive a complete service from a single source with numerous additional options and therefore receive "something extra". 

Energy freedom with Haller

Also international

Next year, Haller Infrarot wants a presence on the international market with its concept of ecological energy freedom. The production headquarters in the Swabian Alb will deliver the infrared heating from Haller to ten new countries to begin with. 
Our vision is to equip all new homes with our evolutionary products in the future, and to replace all existing oil, gas or wood heating with innovative and ecological infrared heating from Haller Infrarot.

With our constantly developed new products for "evolutionary heating" we aspire to world market leadership. Our goal of creating energy freedom is connected with the best possible professional and personal competence.

Heat at the highest level.

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