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What “service life” can I expect from the infrared heaters from HALLER?

When you buy an infrared heater from HALLER, you are purchasing a top quality and long-lasting precision product. Experience with infrared heating systems in industry has shown that the service life of a privately used infrared heating system from HALLER can exceed the 40-year mark without additional repair and maintenance costs.

What operating costs can I expect with an infrared heater from HALLER?

All HALLER infrared systems are extremely economical because of their high efficiency and minimal energy losses. Your actual energy consumption can also be optimized by controlling the room temperature via thermostats. The specific anticipated consumption of your HALLER infrared heater will be determined by our experts in an individually produced power requirement calculation for your building which takes the quality and insulation of its structure.

If the HALLER infrared heater child safe?

Yes. There is no risk of burning due to compliance with the TÜV standards. By the absence of sharp corners or edges other injuries are prevented. There is also no health risk due to plastics, electro-smog or harmful radiation. The infrared-C radiation of the HALLER infrared heaters has an objectively healthy effect, and is perceived as pleasant and increasing the well-being of children and adults.

Can I heat an entire house with the infrared heating systems from HALLER?

Yes, the infra-red heating systems from HALLER are available as a complete system for apartments and houses. They are suitable for both new construction and renovation. For complete solutions an exact heat requirement calculation must be carried out by the HALLER experts in order to exactly adapt the performance parameters of the system to your premises. Partial solutions for individual rooms and solutions for operation outside living areas and offices such as in garages, cellars hobby rooms and churches are also possible.

Where can I buy the infra-red systems from HALLER?

They are currently available from the sales centres and sales studios of the HALLER sales partners. An overview of HALLER dealers can be found on our web site. In the near future, HALLER will be marketing its innovative infrared heating systems via its powerful and competent partner network all over Germany. The international expansion of HALLER in ten additional countries is then taking place next year.

Why can’t I find any prices on the HALLER home page?

Because the specific planning and implementation of your infrared heating system from HALLER is as individual as yourself and your home.

The HALLER infrared systems are available in a wide range of variants and modules. The final price of your infrared heating system from HALLER is determined by numerous factors. In order to carry out your personal heat requirement calculation, among other things the HALLER experts take the quality of the building structure humidity and insulation of the walls into consideration. Outer or inner walls. Room furnishings. Ecological conception of the building including its own decentrally acquired energy. Our experts will clarify these and many other details in a free and non-binding advice and always also during on-site appointments. In the end you will receive a quote that is made to measure for your project, including information about the costs of operating the infrared heating system from HALLER. Of course, the HALLER advisers will accompany you during the construction process and for all other planning and licensing questions, as well as the practical construction process.

If heating with infrared is so great, why haven’t I ever heard anything about an infrared heating system from HALLER?

Internationally, infrared heaters are an innovative and still relatively new product - the relevant market and customer segment is still in the set-up phase. Customers who already own the devices are excited by both their energy and cost efficiency as well as their physiologically optimal wellness heat. HALLER is just starting out with its evolutionary infrared heaters. Behind our precision products made in the Swabian Alb is the joint expertise of four Southern German entrepreneurs with many years of experience in innovative heating and environmental technology.

What differs HALLER from other providers of infrared heating systems?

HALLER manufactures all of its precision products in Germany. Our production standards are based on the most up-to-date modern heating and environmental technologies. For all HALLER infrared heating systems we guarantee top quality, the use of the best high-tech materials and the comprehensive fulfilment of the efficiency and environmental standards for a modern heating system. All HALLER products are supplied with a 72-month manufacturer’s warranty. Our sales partners offer a complete service from a single source for the infrared heating systems from HALLER, which includes personal consultancy with energy advice and on-site visits. There are no telephone or Internet sales. Cooperation with experienced master craftsmen and architects. Calculation of the energy and environmental parameters of your building by our own experts.

*72 month product warranty on all heaters except the LongHeater, MegaHeater, SaturnHeater and Light, for which a 24 month product warranty applies

Heating with electricity - is that ecological?

It certainly is with an infrared heating system from HALLER. The HALLER infrared heating systems consume significantly less electrical energy that night storage heaters or other electricity-powered heating solutions. Oil and gas heaters only consume about one third of the electricity that is needed to operate an infrared heating system from HALLER, but they require additional fossil energy. They are also much less efficient that the infrared heating systems from HALLER due to high heat losses. The infrared heating systems from HALLER operate emission-free and without generating electro-smog. In conjunction with a decentralized energy supply by photovoltaic systems or small wind turbines they are currently the most cost-efficient, cleanest and greenest heating solution available.

Energy savings of up to 60% with an infrared heating systems from HALLER - how does that work?

The energy saving of up to 60 percent by modern infrared heating systems compared to conventional heating systems was observed by a study of the University of Kaiserslautern. The research results correspond with the information from many buyers of infrared heating systems. The saving results from the interaction of various factors: the operating principle of the heating via the warming up of surfaces and the “building envelope”. Low heat losses during the transport of the thermal energy. Generally low energy requirements Physiologically optimum temperature distribution by means of constant and homogeneous heating of all surfaces, even in high rooms. Lower room temperatures for cosy temperature control. Structural details of the infrared heating systems from HALLER which ensure that the heat rays travel in the optimum direction. However, every owner of a heating system has different heating habits, and the values are therefore specified as “up to”.

Where can I install HALLER infrared heating elements?

The HALLER “Classic” heating elements are suitable for both wall and ceiling installation. The “Exclusive” series is only suitable for wall mounting. Please note that the positioning of the infrared heater from HALLER in your premises should be planned with an adviser from the HALLER sales partner.

How can the temperature of a HALLER infrared heater be controlled?

The room temperature is set by a thermostat - the infrared heating system from HALLER then only operates if the temperature drops below this value. If it is reached, the heater turns off automatically. The advisers from the HALLER sales partner would be pleased to explain exactly how these thermostats work.

The electromagnetic radiation from infrared heating systems do not heat the air in the room like conventional convection heaters, but surfaces such as objects, which store this energy and reflect it in the room as thermal radiation. Because of this principle, an infrared heater works almost without energy loss. Since the human body also stores the infrared heat, the temperature that is felt is about two degrees Centigrade higher than in conventionally heated rooms, which helps to minimise energy consumption and therefore also the cost of operating the infrared heating system. Thermodynamic air and dust swirling is essentially avoided using the infrared heaters from HALLER. By heating the “building envelope” the infrared heating system ensures that the walls are dry and prevent the formation of mould.

What are infrared rays?

Infrared rays consist of electromagnetic waves like sunlight - they move within the frequency range below (Latin: infra) that of visible red light. Infrared thermal radiation has been used for many years in medical and natural medicine treatment of numerous diseases and for strengthening the immune system. Infrared rays do not have any damaging effect on the organism, but are perceived by human beings as beneficial thermal radiation like the heat of the sun.

What does infrared A, B and C mean?

Infrared rays are irradiated in three different sub-areas, and long wave infrared-C rays are irradiated by many modern devices, including the infrared heaters from HALLER. On the other hand, infrared A and B require special infrared emitters and devices. The well-known medical infra-red effect is caused primarily by IR-A.

Can burn myself on an infrared heater from HALLER?

No. The surfaces of the infrared heating elements from HALLER reach a temperature of 95 degrees Centigrade during operation. Because of the specific conductivity of the surfaces these do not cause burns. All HALLER devices fulfil all safety standards for modern heating devices.