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by HALLER Infrarot

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The HALLER “Classic BIO” infrared heating system is available in the standard colour of white, its surfaces are made of powder coated steel - on request it will be delivered with individually selected print designs within the design programme of HALLER Infrarot. The HALLER infrared heaters of the "Classic" series are direct heaters. In operation by regular mains electricity suppliers therefore provide a heating tariff. In everyday operation, they prove to be very energy efficient and therefore cost-efficient.

The advantages of the new HALLER CLASSIC BIO at a glance:

  • Lasting well-being by energising the room air with the innovative “In-Photonic” technology
  • Higher energy efficiency due to slightly convex surfaces
  • Free of emissions and pollutants
  • 100% recyclable insulation layer made from natural materials
  • Simplified installation due to the two-point holder system from HALLER Infrarot, which is also protected by patent
  • With a HALLER CLASSIC BIO you are making an active contribution to protecting natural resources, making efficiency use of heating energy and for your individual well-being. Save money and enjoy Germany’s first BIO infrared heating system!

Product details

Surface:Powder-coated steel
Heating element:Direct heating
Voltage:230 Volts, 50 Hz
Mounting:Ceiling or wall
Fastening:Tension-free, concealed HALLER Infrarot 
2-point retaining system with automatic mounting system
Available sizes/performance
Size H x W cmPower Watts
60 x 25170
90 x 25250
60 x 50350
120 x 38500
100 x 62.5680
170 x 38710
110 x 70850
150 x 601000
150 x 751250
180 x 751500

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