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HALLER CoverPlate

Infrared heat from above!

The HALLER CoverPlate infrared area heating panels provide cosy warmth, are energy efficient and are suitable for any installation situation from offices to production buildings.

HALLER CoverPlate infrared area heating panels operate using the principle of solar radiation. If solar rays strike the body on a day with minus temperatures, the body feels heat in spite of the cold ambient air.
This is exactly how it also works in rooms. Heat does not develop until rays of heat strike solid objects, walls, ceilings, floors, objects and the body.

Usage areas:
offices, schools, clean rooms and production rooms, hospitals, museums, halls, swimming pools and many others.

cosy climate in every room, hygienic, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, low CO2 value, floor and walls are freely usable, can be used for any room height (minimum clearance of 3 m from persons), less cleaning, maintenance free... Since the room air is only heated indirectly, no dust swirling takes place and the air is pure, which is important to persons with allergies. Energy savings of more than 40% are possible with HALLER Infrared area heating panels in comparison to conventional heating systems.

Of course, the HALLER Infrarot partner companies offer the same range of services as for all other HALLER infrared heating systems for the HALLER CoverPlate, ranging from comprehensive energy consultation to the installation of the HALLER CoverPlate. The infrared ceiling heater is supplied with a 72-month HALLER Infrarot warranty.

Product details

Surface:High-quality steel housing, white matt, powder coated
Heating element:Direct heating
Voltage:230 Volts, 50 Hz
Mounting:HALLER infrared area heating panels can be easily installed in grid ceilings. Cover plates can also be installed in bigger rooms/halls using individual fastenings
Protection class:IP 40 (fixed connection)
Available sizes/performance
Size H x W cmPower Watts
61.8 x 61.8510
59.3 x 59.3505
59.3 x 119.3810

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