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HALLER MegaHeater

Infrared heating power for large rooms

The HALLER Megaheater is the HALLER Infrarot heating solution for large rooms. As HALLER Infrarot hall heating, it offers all the advantages of infrared radiant heat in a large dimension. The infrared high-power radiant heater from HALLER is available with two power levels with capacities of 1,800 or 3,000 watts. Both versions of our high-performance radiant heater provide for convenient and cost-effective air conditioning in halls, large-scale production, commercial and recreational rooms. Compared to conventional oil heating systems our customers have achieved proven energy and cost savings of 30 to 50 percent with the HALLER MegaHeater. In its product class the 3,000 watts version is currently the most powerful model in the German and international markets.

With a HALLER Megaheater the evolutionary HALLER Infrarot technology can also be put to optimum use in public or industrial rooms. The infrared thermal radiation unfolds its heating effect in the same way as solar radiation. The heat storage in the surfaces of the heated rooms and the minimization of transmission losses result in a very high efficiency of the heater. With a HALLER Megaheater you can heat very large rooms in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way. Through the uniform heat distribution in the room and the prevention of air and dust swirls its heating effect is physiologically optimal at the same time.

Applications for the HALLER Megaheater include:

  • Production buildings and warehouses
  • Sport and fitness halls
  • Exhibition rooms
  • Logistics buildings
  • Car showrooms
  • All other public rooms in which maximum heating power is required.

Of course, the HALLER partner companies offer the same range of services as for all other HALLER infrared heating systems for the HALLER MegaHeater, ranging from comprehensive energy consultation to the installation of the HALLER MegaHeaters. The high-performance heater will be supplied with a 24-month HALLER Infrarot warranty.

Product details

Surface:Welded sheet steel housing, powder-coated acrylic material
Heating element:3 or 5 Ceramics - High performance radiators
Voltage:230 Volts, 50 Hz
Mounting:The Megaheater must be mounted at a height that is inaccessible for people (about 3 m). The distance between the front grille and flammable objects must be at least 65 cm! (VDE 0100) 
Protection class:IP 20 (fixed connection)
Available sizes/performance
Size H x W cmPower Watts
54 x 541800
54 x 743000

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