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manufactured in accordance with your requirements

Our customers will find a wide range of different models and performance levels of our heating systems in the HALLER Infrarot standard product range (our “Classic”, “Exclusive”, Reflex” and “Light”). The “REDPUR Classic Bio” series provides many customisation options due to our motive printing or using customer-provided printing templates. It is also possible to purchase any HALLER infrared heating system as a custom-made product. The design and size of your HALLER Infrarot heater are essentially up to you (within the limits of what is technically feasible).

It is best to discuss your requirement for a really individual HALLER infrared heating system with a HALLER Infrarot sales and service partner near where you are located – we would pleased to help you to make your choice. Our dealer partners will provide you with comprehensive advice about your HALLER infrared heater, configure the technical parameters at a site meeting and then order the system from us. Even with a HALLER  infrared heater that has been specially designed and manufactured for your needs, you can be sure that your new heating system meets all of our evolutionary heating system’s quality requirements perfectly.

  • Your advantages with HALLER Infrarot:
  • Every HALLER infrared heater is a precision product from original Swabian production.
  • Its technological overall design is patent protected.
  • Every HALLER infrared heating system stands for high energy efficiency and also ecological and physiologically optimum heating.
  • Our customisations are also available in BIO quality and with the 72-month HALLER Infrarot warranty on request.

We will provide you with an individual quote for your customisation. In this case, the price of the HALLER infrared heating system depends on the amount of technical effort and the ordered quantities.