Elegance BIO Own Motive

by HALLER Infrarot

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HALLER Elegance BIO Own Motive

Our HALLER “Elegance BIO” heater has a shiny coating which is extremely smooth and therefore hardly ever gets dirty. Wiping with a cloth is usually sufficient for cleaning. If necessary, the heater will also withstand washing-up liquid. We can put one of your own photographs or another individual printed motive on your heater. The HALLER "Elegance BIO Own Motive" is therefore an extremely personal option for designing a room.

Choose HALLER “Elegance BIO Own Motive” to create your personal room decoration and innovative heating at the same time. Make an active contribution to protecting natural resources and decide to make efficient use of heating energy in future.

The advantages of the innovative “Elegance BIO Own Motive” at a glance

  • Additional well-being by means of innovative “In-Photonic” technology for energizing the room air.
  • Good distribution of the radiation and higher energy efficiency thanks to the convex surface
  • Emission-free heating without pollutants
  • 100 % recyclable material of the insulation layer.
  • Individual room decoration that you design yourself.
  • Patent-protected two-point holder system from HALLER Infrarot for ease of installation

Product details

Technical details
Surface:Sheet steel, powder-coated
Colour:Printed, own motive, glossy
Heating element:Direct heating
Voltage:230 Volts, 50 Hz
Temperature:approx. 90°
Protection class:IP 54 with plug
IP 65 without plug
Mounting:Wall and ceiling
Fastening:Tension-free, concealed HALLER 
2-point retaining system with automatic mounting system
Available models/sizes/output
Classic 17060 x 25 x 2.9 cm170 Watt
Classic 25090 x 25 x 2.9 cm250 Watt
Classic 35060 x 50 x 2.9 cm350 Watt
Classic 500120 x 38 x 2.9 cm500 Watt
Classic 680100 x 62.5 x 2.9 cm680 Watt
Classic 710170 x 38 x 2.9 cm710 Watt
Classic 850110 x 70 x 2.9 cm850 Watt
Classic 1000150 x 60 x 2.9 cm1000 Watt
Classic 1250150 x 75 x 2.9 cm1250 Watt
Classic 1500180 x 75 x 2.9 cm1500 Watt


Information about the Elegance BIO Own Motive