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HALLER "Light” model infrared heater

Our evolutionary infrared heating technology at a bargain price

Compared to the HALLER "Exclusive" and "Classic" infrared heating systems, HALLER Light offers somewhat slimmed-down technology and without the design components of the two HALLER complete systems. With a HALLER Light you get the evolutionary infrared heating technology of HALLER Infrarot at a very reasonable price. Of course there is no sacrificing of the quality and the technical functionality of the heating.

The HALLER Light is therefore the ideal infrared heater for rooms such as rental apartments, cellars, storage rooms, laundry rooms, garages or private hobby rooms and gyms. Also for occasional use it is ideally suited.

Of course, the HALLER Light offers all the basic functionalities of the evolutionary HALLER infrared heating systems:

The advantages of the new HALLER Light series at a glance:

  • Energy and cost-efficient heating with very low consumption
  • Minimum ventilation and transmission losses
  • Avoids condensation, moisture and mould
  • Low-cost fitting to walls or ceilings without interfering with the building structure.