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The HALLER Infrarot mirror heater

Combination of energy efficiency and perfect design

The visual highlight of our product portfolio is the HALLER Infrarot mirror heater. Its design is both modern and stylish. In bathrooms, corridors, bedrooms and also as an eye-catcher in other rooms, the HALLER Infrarot mirror heater blends seamlessly into your living concepts.
Enjoy the wonderful infrared radiation heat in your bathroom -  and enjoy the fact that your mirror will no longer steam up from now on, after all it is your bathroom heater. Your floor will also be permanently heated by the homogeneous distribution of the heat radiation. Cold feet in the bathroom are therefore a thing of the past. The effect of your HALLER Infrarot mirror heater is similar to modern underfloor heating, but with significantly greater energy efficiency. 

Elegant heating

With our HALLER Reflex mirror heater

You can heat your rooms in an extremely elegant way with the HALLER Infrarot mirror heater. If you position the heating elements in a strategically good location, you can visually extend your room using our system. You can also achieve extremely special effects by installing the HALLER Infrarot mirror heater.
Our HALLER Reflex mirror heater is available in two different versions with output of 650 or 900 Watts.
Of course, the HALLER Reflex  combines its visual qualities with the excellent usage characteristics and the energy efficiency of the HALLER Infrarot heating systems. With a HALLER Infrarot mirror heater you are acquiring an evolutionary infrared heating system that is technologically at the cutting edge of innovative and environmentally friendly heating technology. We basically vouch for the quality of our precision products “Made in South Germany” with the HALLER brand name and by means of various independent quality approvals.