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The mobile infrared underfloor heating from HALLER infrared

We have added a new product to our evolutionary infrared heater range with the HALLER MultiPUR. Like all other HALLER infrared heaters, the name of the product also says it all in this case, of course:
”Multi” stands for versatile usability: The HALLER MultiPUR is mobile. It is suitable as a desktop heater, as occasional heating in the living room, in work or hobby rooms, as heating for senior citizens – to put it short: Everywhere where your feet require cosy warmth.
”PUR” also means more: Environmentally friendly and efficient infrared well-being warmth – without emissions and electrosmog, without air and dust swirling caused by thermodynamic effects, with a high degree of efficiency, low energy consumption and minimal energy loss.

With the HALLER MultiPUR you always enjoy all of the benefits of HALLER infrared heating systems when you need an effective additional heat source. The heating effect thereof is similar to that of underfloor heating, bit is more intensive, since your body and all of the surfaces in the surroundings also absorb the infrared heat radiation. On cold winter days, you will be particularly grateful for the well-being warmth of a HALLER MultiPUR.
The scope of delivery of the device includes a dimmer, which is supplied free of charge as an add-on, with which the temperature of the heating can be controlled within a range of 20 to 70 degrees Centigrade with the 120 Watt MultiPUR and 20 to 100 degrees Centigrade with the 220 Watt MultiPUR.