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HALLER BlackBoard

The latest model of our product portfolio is our HALLER BlackBoard panel heater. Of course, the name says it all here: With the HALLER BlackBoard you are acquiring a real multifunctional device. In rooms which are heated with this device, you enjoy energy-efficient and cosy infrared radiation warmth. The surface of the heater can be used like a conventional wall panel. 
With these characteristics, the HALLER BlackBoard can be used in an extremely versatile way. It is an optimum heating variant for kindergartens, schools, seminar rooms and also events. Our private customers will also enjoy using the HALLER BlackBoard – as a version for the children’s room that will presumably be extremely popular with the kids. 
Of course, you are acquiring the high-quality, evolutionary heating technology of HALLER Infrarot with our panel heater. The energy efficiency of the HALLER heating systems and all other advantages of infrared heating will impress you from day one.

Product details

Surface:Powder-coated steel
Colour:Slate grey
Print:not possible
Heating element:Direct heating
Voltage:230 Volts, 50 Hz
Mounting:Ceiling or wall
Fastening:Tension-free, concealed HALLER Infrarot 
2-point retaining system with automatic mounting system
Available sizes/performance
Size H x W cmPower Watts
90 x 25250
60 x 50350
120 x 38500
100 x 62.5680
170 x 38710
110 x 70850
150 x 601000
150 x 751250


Information about the HALLER BlackBoard

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