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Our modern lifestyle is marked by an abundance of changes to our eating habits, which are caused by the nature, quality and origin of our food, and also the characteristics of our environment. We are also inundated by toxins in the environment, which have varying origins. There are also complaints of a psychological origin, such as stress or separation anxiety. Healthy breathing air like in a salt grotto! The breathing air is many times cleaner than the air outside. A cave therapy based on the consistent avoidance of environmental burdens in the breathing air for a certain period of time. The number of negative ions, which are also known as air vitamins, is 5000 - 10000 negative ions per cm3 in caves.

HALLER Infrarot has adapted the Thera technology into its BIO infrared heater. The silicon in the HALLER Infrarot heating system stores as much photon energy as about 2 tons of pure quartz. Life in earth experiences continuous bio-energetic regeneration because of the high energy level of the earth’s atmosphere. These origin energies contribute to sustainment of human beings, animals and the entire vegetation, and provides life with the necessary existential basics. Unfortunately, this natural rule no longer applies! The natural regeneration energy is no longer sufficient for providing protection against these burdens because of pollution.

Our Thera P8 models:


MultiPur Thera P8