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The pioneering technology of infrared heating is easy to explain. The infrared heaters from HALLER Infrarot are electrically operated radiators in the form of a thin surface. These surfaces can be fitted to walls and ceilings and therefore save a lot of space. However, the design of an infrared heater is much more discreet than that of a radiator. The wide range of HALLER Infrarot products also provides ways of integrating the heater almost invisibly into mirrors, pictures or even floors, and therefore make it disappear altogether.

An infrared heater heats the room by transmitting heat waves. However, these heat waves do not heat the air in the room like conventional heaters, but penetrate deep into the walls, furniture and objects within the room, where they are stored. This has the advantage that the heat is not removed by the exchange of air when ventilation takes place, but is retained within the walls and the furniture. The heat in a room heated with infrared radiation remains in the room for significantly longer, which is therefore more efficient. This makes a major contribution to reducing energy consumption and the associated costs.

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