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Storage heaters were previously the classic application example of electricity-powered heating. In the 1950s and 1960s electricity suppliers were interested in them to achieve a uniform use of their power plants and offered the convenience of an oil or gas heating at a subsidized price of electricity. Given rising energy costs and the discontinuation of state subsidies, they have survived for years. The ecological energy transition of our era also plays a part. The development of modern and environmentally friendly infrared heating systems, the conditions for heating with electricity have changed fundamentally.

An evolutionary infrared heating system from HALLER provides healthy wellness heat. Because of its high efficiency level, minimal energy loss and low power consumption, it protects the environment and the financial resources of its users. It also protects the building from moisture by heating the room surfaces, i.e. the “building envelope”. A HALLER infrared heater is one of the most cost effective and ecologically best alternatives, not only compared to a storage heater, but also to all other conventional heating systems.

Storage heaters “gobble up” large amounts of energy. They convert 100 % of the electricity into heat, but can only be used for heating by about 33 percent because of the storage. The remaining 60 percent is a major cost factor and is also a pointless and environmentally damaging waste of energy. The planned ban on storage heaters may not be on the table at the moment, but this does not make the usage thereof any more economical. Replacement with an infrared heating system from HALLER would therefore make sense. If is often the optimal solution for all new buildings or renovation projects, with which between 70 and 90 percent of the previous heating costs can be saved in comparison to storage heaters or other conventional heating systems.

Innovative HALLER infrared technology

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The HALLER infrared heaters convert 100 percent of the supplied electrical energy into heat. The installation of the systems is done without interfering with the building structure and is inexpensive and easy. The HALLER Infrarot heating elements are mounted on walls or ceilings - just like pictures. The power supply of the previous night storage heater can be used for their connection. The infrared heating system from HALLER then operates maintenance-free and involves no additional cost. In addition to their high energy and cost-efficiency the HALLER Infrarot heating systems score points due to their design qualities. HALLER Infrarot offers a specific design programme with individually selectable graphic motifs.

Storage heaters heat up the air in the room as convection heaters, just like all other conventional heating systems. A large proportion of the thermal energy is unused and lost during the “transportation” of the heat. An infrared heater from HALLER, on the other hand, heats the room using its electromagnetic radiation. Its energy is stored by room surfaces and objects, which give it off again as homogeneous heat radiation. The room air is heated only indirectly and thus in an energy neutral way. The heat absorption of the surfaces protects the building structure - damp areas or mould cannot occur when using infrared heating from HALLER. The walls of older buildings are dried out over the long term by the technological principle of the heating.

In ecological terms, the heating systems from HALLER Infrarot prove unbeatable - they operate almost entirely without emissions and electromagnetic pollution. In conjunction with a decentralized energy supply by solar or wind power they are one of the cleanest, most energy efficient and most environmentally friendly heating solutions. The often generally critical issue of "heating with electricity" does not matter in the context of HALLER infrared heaters. The HALLER Infrarot systems consume significantly less energy than electric night storage heaters or other electricity powered systems. Although oil and gas systems use only about 35 percent of the electricity of the infrared heating from HALLER , they must also be operated with the respective fossil fuels.