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An infrared heating system from HALLER Infrarot is an innovative energy vision: Decentralization, maximum energy independence and the use of renewable energies. In houses with a photovoltaic system and intelligent power storage systems, HALLER Infrarot heating systems complement the autonomous energy and heat economy of the building. The largely self-sufficient energy supply and the sale of electricity that is not required has financial benefits.

The vision of decentralized energy of HALLER Infrarot represents a global trend against nuclear-generated electricity. Germany responded with an amendment to the Atomic Energy Act to the environmental disaster caused by the meltdown at the Japanese nuclear plant in Fukushima. Obsolete nuclear plants were shut down immediately, and the remaining nuclear reactors are going to be shut down by 2022 at the latest. 

However, "away from nuclear power" is not supposed to mean replacing nuclear energy by the environmentally unfriendly and limited fossil fuels oil and gas. The future is neither oil or gas nor in the price cartels of energy companies, but in decentrally generated energy from renewable sources. Generating your own electricity from solar power is almost always the optimal solution for private users. 

Energy autonomy

with photovoltaics and an infrared heating system from HALLER

Our energy scenario: You generate the electricity for your household decentrally, self-sufficiently and without cost from solar energy. The architecture of your home, an infrared heating from HALLER and innovative photovoltaic and energy storage systems will help you to save energy. The automatic energy manager of your "private power plant" stores electricity that is not required either for your own consumption during periods with little sunlight, or forwards it to the public grid. 

The technological standards for the realization of the scenario are already available - however, their economically viable series production was overdue for a long time. Given the current technological development the discussions about nuclear power and fossil fuels are basically obsolete - the decentralized production and use of renewable energy by the broad mass of consumers is now realistic and technically feasible with acceptable effort. As far individual are concerned, the decision to use an autonomous power supply results in greater personal and financial freedom and opportunities for actively protecting the environment.

The change from conventional heating systems to an evolutionary infrared heating from HALLER creates a "heating model of the future". When operated with locally generated solar power, it is one of the most environmentally friendly heating solutions and allows you to heat your home almost free of charge. The combination of a HALLER infrared heating system and innovative photovoltaic and energy storage systems will cut down your heating costs and also the cost of your entire supply of electricity and warm water in the future. You amortize the initial investment in your personal "energy revolution" by this and by the supply of unused energy into the public grid after a short time. For your start in energy self-sufficiency you can also use cost-efficient KfW loans and regional development programs as required.

The combination of infrared heating with modern photovoltaic and energy storage systems is equally suitable for new constructions as it is for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly renovations of older buildings. The HALLER infrared heating impresses with its high efficiency and minimum energy consumption, lifetime freedom from maintenance, innovative designs and low cost of purchase and installation / assembly in comparison to conventional heating solutions.