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Infrared heating is completely natural!

Our natural source of infrared heat is the sun

Cosy heat, like the sun
HALLER infrared heaters provide cosy radiated heat, comparable to the beneficial effect of sunlight. This kind of heat is perceived by the entire human body as extremely pleasant and gentle. Our heat wave heaters therefore create a completely new kind of well-being in every home. The evolution among infrared heaters is HALLER Infrarot. Whereas conventional heating systems use the air as a medium for heat transfer, the "electromagnetic waves" of HALLER infrared systems increase the temperature of the solid bodies in the room. Infrared heaters are therefore also known as “heat wave heaters”. Heating with infrared radiation is harmless to people and animals, and does not lead to skin irritation or even burns under any circumstances, as is often mistakenly feared.

This is why infrared heaters have been used in the medical area for many years for providing tissue deep within the human body with heat.  They are also used in the rearing of young animals for providing the newborn animals with sufficient cosy warmth. Infrared heating is becoming used in many different areas because of the many technological advantages. The advantages of the HALLER Infrarot heating systems in private households are obvious: they keep the walls dry and therefore prevent mould formation caused by condensation. The heat radiation is absorbed by the room envelope, stored and given off to other bodies. This creates a pleasant indoor climate, which is known for generations from tiled stoves. The walls remain dry and increase the calorific value. Damp areas and mould are effectively prevented. HALLER infrared heat is heat without air circulation, meaning that temperature stratification and the associated dust swirling are therefore also a thing of the past.

The principle of healing warmth

Feel good and stay healthy with HALLER infrared heaters.

The most pleasant kind of room heat
Just like the heat waves of an infrared heater penetrate into the molecules of the walls, furniture and objects in a room and warm them up, the radiation of the heat source is absorbed by human body. This leads to an extremely pleasant feeling of warmth and is also healthy. It is therefore not surprising that infrared heating technology is being now used in many medical and therapeutic institutions and in the wellness area. The principle of healing warmth already has a long history. As long ago as 2000 years BC, people used heat to relieve pain and to support the body's defences. The hot sand baths that were used have been replaced in the 20th Century by infrared saunas, which use the healing powers of infrared waves.

Heat therapies are used in a wide variety of ways in medicine nowadays. They are used to reduce pain in the musculoskeletory system, such as for back pain or joint problems. They are also used in sports medicine for treating injuries such as pulled muscles and ligament strains. The positive effect of the targeted heat in relaxing muscles and the circulation are the decisive factors here. HALLER infrared heating systems generate little electrosmog and produce infrared-C heat waves. It is a form of energy that is considered to be physiologically favourable, and is perceived by the human organism as beneficial. With a HALLER infrared heater you get comfortable radiant heat, a pleasant climate and permanent health and well-being for your home.

Pioneering technology

All aspects well thought out

Evolutionary technology for a high-tech heating system
The internals of the HALLER infrared heating systems are unique: Extremely fine stainless steel filaments with the thickness of a quarter of a human hair are woven into a backing material and reinforced in the edge zones. This creates a maximum surface, which makes rapid temperature control of the HALLER® infrared systems and extremely short response times to room temperature changes possible.

that makes reaction times to spatial temperature changes possible. The thermal stability of the high-tech heat system up to 220° C ensures that HALLER infrared heating systems have a long service life. By the way: The technology of the high-tech heat system HALLER Infrarot GmbH has already been proving itself in the automotive industry for many years.

Achieve a lot with a little

Minimum energy, maximum performance

Energy-efficient heating using a well thought-out overall system
HALLER infrared heating systems have been developed in cooperation with well-known companies and are produced in the south of Germany, at the foot of the Swabian Alb. The goal of this development was to create a product

which operates in an extremely energy-efficient way using state-of-the-art and well-tried heating technology, the following applies: maximum performance with minimum energy. An incomparably perfect product has been created using a multitude of well thought-out technical refinements.

The cost wonder

HALLER Infrarot is clean and efficient

Energy and cost saving in the energy transition era
HALLER Infrarot is the most modern and cleanest heating technology of our times in view of the energy transition and from a financial point of view! In connection with regeneratively generated power via solar energy, 

There are other advantages compared to wind power and water power, to the extent of achieving energy freedom. Low investment and energy costs, maintenance-free operation and a 72 months product warranty* play their part in allowing you to be perfectly equipped for the future with regard to heating technology.

*Warranty extension (heating functionality) to 120 months possible. 

HALLER Infrarot is uncompromising!

Innovative technology - high-quality materials

Technical innovation and perfect design
Innovative products are unimaginable without a new design and innovations in the material area: New technical developments, material and design are too closely interrelated. Depending on the type, HALLER infrared heating systems are available with a powder-coated, durable steel surface or high quality toughened safety glass. 

The panels, which are 20 mm thick, are fitted discreetly to the wall or ceiling using a unique, tension-free and concealed 2-point retaining system with an automatic safety mechanism, and can be removed with a manual operation for refurbishment work. All that is required for silent operation of the infrared heating is a power connection.

Enjoy heating

And therefore all of the benefits of HALLER infrared heaters

There is no need for scepticism about heating with electricity as a form of energy that is already "refined” when making the decision to use an infrared heater from HALLER Infrarot. Due to the low consumption and the minimal "transmission losses", the power requirements of the heating system are lower than that of all other types of heating. It must not be forgotten in this context that  conventional heaters use electricity as well. An oil or gas system reaches only about 35 percent of the need of an infrared heating system, but must also be "fed" with their fossil fuels - which is of course cost-relevant. Heat pumps score points because of the central reclamation of their thermal energy and power consumption at the level of HALLER infrared heaters. However, because of the convention principle, i.e. the heating effect by warming up the air, about two-thirds of their heating power is lost and therefore unused, just like pellet heating systems. The heating elements of the HALLER Infrared heating emit electromagnetic waves, the energy of which is absorbed and stored by the surfaces of the heated rooms and released as heat radiation. This operating principle is superior to conventional heating systems, not only in terms of energy efficiency but it also creates a room climate that fulfils our physiological needs perfectly. The room air is heated only indirectly and is optimally humidified. By the heat absorption of the surfaces the rooms are absolutely evenly heated - without cold air currents or cold floors. Allergy and asthma sufferers often feel significantly better in such a heated room because air and dust are not thermodynamically "stirred".



By heat resorption of the surfaces -  ceilings, walls and floors - a HALLER infrared heating also protects the building structure. In the long term, an infrared heating even dries damp walls in older buildings. Due to their mode of action condensation can not precipitate on the walls of buildings.

As well as the innovative technical advantages, a HALLER infrared heater also make it possible to have an extremely attractive and very individual room design. The heating elements from HALLER Infrarot are available in inconspicuous, subtle variations in the standard colours of black and white as well as a graphic design programme with decorative graphic motifs. If required, we can even put your favourite photograph on your walls as a personal eye-catcher. You will receive an overview of the entire design portfolio from HALLER Infrarot in the showrooms of our partners. The employees in our partner companies will provide a comprehensive design consultancy on-site if you like.

The most biological heater

Heating, just like the sun!

HALLER Infrarot has stood for innovation Made in Germany since the company was established by Rosamaria HALLER and because of the expertise of adviser Hanspeter HALLER. The newly developed HALLER Classic Bio is a product of this innovative strength, and has already created a major stir in the industry.
The known advantages of infrared heaters in general are supplemented by some extremely important aspects here.

These benefits are: 

  • HALLER Classic Bio is an innovative heating system that has been manufactured using natural, environmentally friendly components.
  • HALLER Classic Bio improves health and provides you with a healthy and pleasant well-being climate because of its innovative technology.
  • HALLER Classic Bio impresses with its elegant appearance. Puristically elegant or completely individualisable with a printed front – exactly how you like it.
  • HALLER Classic Bio provides a positive CO2 balance. Since infrared heaters are exclusively powered using electricity, they are an extremely sustainable form of heating. Fewer CO2 emissions – more environment.
  • Because installation is uncomplicated, HALLER Classic Bio is also perfect for retrofitting in your house, and not just for new builds. A long service life and absolute freedom from maintenance are guaranteed.