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Innovative living comfort with retention of the building structure

An infrared heating system from HALLER is the ideal and advanced alternative to conventional heating systems for renovating a building. The reason is obvious: Installing heat wave heating is cost-effective and retains the building structure (listed building protection).

Reduce costs

when renovating old buildings

Renovating an old house can cost a great deal of money. Making the decision to use infrared heating can reduce costs considerably. The only case in which this does not apply is if the house was previously heated using storage heaters.

There is a significant cost advantage with regard to installation and maintenance. There are no pipes to be replaced or routed, and no new radiators are required.

The infrared heating also saves costs during operation, since no maintenance is required and the heating makes efficient use of energy.



Infrared heating

from HALLER protects the building structure

The infrared heater does not warm primarily the air, but the surfaces of the rooms themselves - i.e. ceilings, walls, floors - as well as the objects in a room heated by an infrared heater. The air is warming, however indirectly by the heat radiation from the walls and other heat sources.

This means that the building envelope is warmer than the room air. This means that no moisture occurs at the walls. Existing moisture evaporates due to the heat of the wall.



Low-cost heating

With infrared

The advantage of infrared heating from HALLER lies in its low energy consumption, which is below the energy needs of other types of heating. The energy efficiency of the HALLER infrared heating systems results from the low transport-related energy loss and the good storage capability of the building envelope. The easily volatile air is the storage medium with conventional heating systems.

The HALLER Infrarot heating systems also feature an "intelligent" control module that regulates the interaction of the individual heating elements and ensures that only the amount of heat energy is delivered that is actually required. In conjunction with a system for decentralized energy supply, an infrared heating system from HALLER is one of the most ecological heating solutions there is.



Can heating with electricity

be ecological?

A few years ago, power generating companies, heating experts and environmental activists clearly answered this question with "No" - heating with electric power was regarded as the "most polluting" solution. At the same time, in this context electricity was considered as an already "refined" form of energy that was "too good" - and also too expensive - for heating purposes.

The advantage of infrared heating from HALLER lies in its low energy consumption, which is less than the energy needs of other types of heating. This results in an ecological and economically sensible option:

  • Installing infrared heating
  • Improvement to thermal insulation
  • Use of decentrally acquired regenerative energy (photovoltaic or small wind system)

All services in this context are provided by the partners of HALLER Infrarot.



HALLER infrared partner company

How’s the renovation going?

Renovation means retaining things that are worth keeping, and also taking modern, innovative technology into consideration.

Cooperation with a HALLER Infrarot partner in a renovation project always starts with a detailed energy assessment. Of course, the HALLER Infrarot partner will also take care of the implementation of legal regulations for the energy efficiency of buildings during renovation. Adherence to the respective regulations for maximum permissible energy consumption and limitation of emissions for reducing the loss of heat via the “building envelope” is a matter of course. Specialists are available in our partner companies for calculating the relevant data for a specific renovation project.